What We Do

Project Broadway offers scholarships for children to participate in intensive theater training programs and enriching workshops focusing on self-confidence and exploration of the theater arts. These unique experiences help nurture the development of important life skills, encourage self-expression, and motivate authentic development for students of all ages.

Each year Project Broadway Co-produces Broadway Workshop’s ON STAGE season. Giving students the opportunity to get on stage in an off-Broadway theatre and experience the thrill of being part of a full scale production in theatre capital of the world. Project Broadway provides need-based scholarships for students to be part of SUMMER PROGRAMS and CLASSES & WORKSHOPS.

Project Broadway has expanded it’s mission to offer free programs to students in schools with limited access to performing arts training through our program BEYOND BROADWAY. As well as free or low cost programing focusing on female empowerment using theatre as a way to begin a discussion on how to make positive change in a student’s own life and in the community though our BROADWAY EMPOWERMENT program. 

Project Broadway is always working with our dedicated staff, student and parent ambassadors and our board to create new opportunities for our students.


This was the very first time my daughter said she felt she truly belonged, and the first time she felt comfortable with herself and who she is. As her mother, had never seen her so comfortable in her own skin. This program has changed her life. 
— Maria, Mother 



Project Broadway