Broadway Empowerment

Project Broadway is passionate about creating opportunities to empower young people though the performing arts. With our continued partnership with One World Girl we have created arts programing using Broadway heroins and their stories. Though these workshops, we have been able to open a dialogue that deals with important issues of self-expression, body image and self-esteem. While exploring Broadway’s greatest musicals and plays, we can find new ways of building self-confidence, trust and help students become their true authentic self. These workshops allow students to explore characters, through improv, role-play, storytelling, and creative expression.

Our Broadway Empowerment workshops help students from every background find inspirational ways to learn and grow. Broadway Empowerment Workshops are lead by woman who have appeared on Broadway, on TV and in Film. These performers share their experiences and stories about the joys, heartbreak and wonder that is part of this challenging industry.

Broadway Monette McKay teaches female empowerment workshop

Project Broadway